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#111~ Mons Skins Bargain

Hello everyone,
I decided to post this article before I go to bed, because I really don't wan you to miss the info :)This special skin for super bargain saturday comes in two version. For 60L only today at Mons Mainstore. After the price will be back to the original price. Grab your  LM now, and go get it. ^^

This Look:

Skin: [Mons]>  special skin for super bargain saturday (New)
Hair: [Posh] Sweet/  Hazelnut  (New)
Coat: [Indyras Originals]  Republica Fur Jacket / white (New)
Piercing: [Star Piercing] Marylin / Gold (New)

#110~Weird Weather

Skin: [LAQ]>  Claudia2/  Make up 04 (New)
Hair: [Maitreya] Joy II/  Red  (New)
Bag: [Addict] Day tripper bag / Brown
Shades: [Epoque] Brownline / Shades
Top: [LeLutka]> Irna / Black (New)
Pants: [Doppelganger Inc.] Cuffed Cords / Brown
Shoes: [N-core]> Huntress Boots / Brown 
Belt:[Ingenue]> Highwaist Belt (past hunt)
Nails: [Mstyle]>Animals on the Moon / white (New)
Necklace: [Mstyle]> Ribbon Necklace / Silver  (New)
Pose: [Hate me and eat me]> *40* 

#109~ Part 2: Double Post; Cheap Friday

Look 1:

Skin: [LAQ]>  Claudia2/  Make up 1(New)
Make up: [ATOMIC]> 2.O Victime make up (New)
Shape: [Nic0 Teen Love] Inna (I Love it / New)
Hair: [Posh]> Bitter/ Cherry (New)
Jacket:[Emery]> Orchid Club
Top: [Crazy]> Flow top Black
Pants: [Tee*fy] Ophelia Pants / Black (50L Friday:Today)
Shoes: [Tee*fy]> Astra Wedges / Grey fur (50L Friday: Today)
Piercing:[COBRAHIVE]> Gauged / silver 
Pose: [Hate me and eat me]> Greeting Sheeps (by Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Look 2:

Skin: [LAQ]>  Claudia2/  Make up 1(New)
Make up: [ATOMIC]> 2.O Victime make up (New)
Shape: [Nic0 Teen Love] Inna (I Love it / New)
Hair: [e] Say/  Red 08 (Free)
Bag: [MilkMotion] My navajo Bag (50L Friday: Today)
Jacket:[MilkMotion]> My Navajo Vest (50L Friday: Today)
Top: [Artillerie]>Skully Sally Sweater / Black (old 50L friday)
Pants: [MilkMotion] My highwaist whool pants (50L Friday:Today)
Shoes: [Surf Couture]> Olea Boots / Brown (New)
Piercing:[COBRAHIVE]> Gauged / silver 
Pose: [Hate me and eat me]> At a word (by Lisbeth Gummibaum)

#109: Part 1: Tryo - Serre-moi

French little music that I adore. <3 The lyrics are wonderful, so I decided to put the English translation:

Kiss me overboard
Come my angel, retrace the sky
I will crucify your body
Could I unpin your wings?
To kiss, while biting you in same time
To dig my nails into you’re burning back
Begging you to come back to me and do everything
Oh to see you leave,

Come! Lead me over there
Give me your hand
If I don’t take it
Skin my wings
Make me fly away
And leave yourself at peace
A million times we entwine ourselves
And tiring ourselves even underneath 
Squeeze me again squeeze me
Just until you choke

There are bastards
That plunder the hearts of women
And women who don’t know much anymore
About where love gets its charm
Butterflies of flowers in flowers
From love into love
Those that have only one star
Or those that burn their sails

I love your tears when you love
Your sweat, the blood, makes us lovers
Those who are passionate, bleed
I love when my skinned body is living

My flame wont burn for long
To our tragedies, to our goodbyes

Come back to me, come back here 
You’ll leave better like this:
To finish by twisting yourself    
We will finish by biting one another 
What’s the point to reconstruct?
When we are disciples of worse
In spite of us, In spite of us
What good is it to feel bigger
than our two grains of craziness in the wind 
Two burning souls, two children


#108~Don't fall!

Skin: [LAQ]>  Claudia2/  Make up 1(New)
Make up: [ATOMIC]> 2.O Victime make up (New)
Shape: [Nic0 Teen Love] Inna (I Love it / New)
Hair: [e]> Away/ Red 08 (New)
Top & Jeans [aRAWRa]> Open shoulder top & Vintage Jeggings (new)
Jacket: [DELA]> Flight Jacket Brook / Black (New)
Shoes: [N-CORE]> Huntress boots
Nails : [MSTYLE]> Animal on the moon / Black (New : a real crush for me <3)
Piercing:[COBRAHIVE]> Gauged / silver 
Earing: [MANDALA]> Sinra male / Black (New)
Shades: [EPOQUE]> Oversized Shades / Neutral
Necklace: [N-CREATION]> Beauty of Simplicity (New)

Thank you Aurora <3<3<3


#107~ Visit the Garden

Skin: [LAQ]>  Claudia2/  Make up 5(New)
Shape: [Nic0 Teen Love] Lollipops 
Hair: [LAMB]> Cinnamon/ Honeycomb (New)
Dress: [THE SECRET STORE]> The pretty poppy dress (new)
Bag: [MILK MOTION]> My clutch bag/ Blue (from an old 50Ls Friday)
Tights: [GF] Rose lace / Navy (edited)
Shoes: [GF]> Square Toe Shoe / Brown
Nails & Necklace: [MSTYLE]> Animal on the moon & Deer necklace / Gold (New : a real crush for me <3)
Piercing:[STAR PIERCING]> Marylin / Gold (New : On store tomorrow) <3 it
Earing: [MANDALA]> Sinra / Gold
Special thank you to Mstyle's ,Star Piercing's & The secret store's owners for their support <3<3<3.

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